Live in and live out Maids

Hiring a live-in maid is a little more complex than hiring a housekeeper because the person you hire will live with you and must be part of your family life. 20% of housekeepers are ready to live as domestic servants, allowing a family to find the ideal partner. The effort required to complete the research is worthwhile if your situation requires the assistance that only live-in house maids can provide.

There are many situations where having a live in maid is very practical and helpful. You may have a baby, but you and your spouse are working. An elderly parent may have come to live with you or a health problem requires extra care. A live-in maid can reduce the stress of the family and be very helpful.

What to consider when hiring a live-in maid

  • Figure out your cleaning needs
  • Consider an agency or an online business
  • Interview process
  • Prepare an employment plan
  • Obtain and verify references
  • Trust your housekeeper
  • Verification of information

Figure out your cleaning needs

Each household job will vary slightly depending on the family and the right employee. Remuneration should be adjusted for additional services that require more time and skills. Families should discuss the services that will be provided by the resident housekeeper. Live-in house maids can do all that live-out maids can do, often at a lower price (since the family will provide them with room and meals).

  • Here are the most common tasks requested by families:
  • Bathroom cleaning (86% of families requested)
  • Kitchen cleaning (86% of families requested)
  • General cleaning of the room (71% of families requested)
  • Dishes (51% families requested)
  • Surface polishing (46% of families asked)
  • Oven cleaning (46% of families requested)
  • Refrigerator cleaning (40% of families requested)
  • Change the sheets (40% of families asked)
  • Cabinet cleaning (40% of families requested)
  • Take out the garbage (35% of families asked)
  • Window cleaning (35% of families requested)

Website or online agency

Consider contacting an agency or online business that specializes in resident maid services. Using an online company give families a much wider choice of housekeepers to choose from in their area. Searching families can refine their search by indicating their preferences. The maids who are part of the agencies have already passed the screening


Every live-in maid in Dubai prospect needs to be carefully interviewed. Families are not just looking for an organized and responsible person, but someone who will become a vital part of your family. Agency housekeepers should always be interviewed if the norms of the family differ from those of the agency. You will have to find that balance between being that person’s employer and being able to get along with it. Make sure to write a list of the personal attributes you want from a resident cleaning lady to have a standard to use during interviews.

If you have children or elderly parents living with you, it is important that the housekeeper can live comfortably with them.

Prepare an employment plan

The following items should be included in your employment plan

  • Rates of pay
  • Payroll time (every two weeks, weekly)
  • Who will provide the supplies or equipment? (7% of employers prefer their servants to bring their own – some resident domestics may be required to purchase their own equipment)
  • Benefits package
  • Salary incentive plan based on job performance (optional)
  • Daily working hours (including holidays and holidays)
  • Reasons for dismissal or termination of the contract
  • Obtaining and verifying references

Always get and check references, even if you used an agency.

It is especially important that resident cleaning women are safe and respectful employees! If a live-in maid has no reference, you must provide any informal experience with your friends and family. Resident employees must contact their former employers and colleagues for references if they are not already explicitly mentioned on their CV or profile.

Trust your maid

Do not hire anyone you do not trust or believe to be dishonest. Even if all the information is verified, listen to your instinct and do not hire anyone you do not feel comfortable with.

Verification of information

  • Check the information provided if you feel the need.
  • Get a background check or hire a local investigator.
  • The cost of background checks varies depending on the depth of information you want.
  • Less than 1% of housekeepers have already checked their criminal record. It is up to families to make sure their live-in maid is safe.

The pros of a live-in maid

  1. Reduces your workload and helps you to fully enjoy your home, ensuring every day your home is clean and presentable, comfortable and well organized.
  2. Allows you to spend more time with your family
  3. Many families pay less than domestic workers (a wage of about 15% below the minimum wage) because they provide full board accommodation.
  4. Domestic servants or live-in housekeepers are a very handy asset to a household and can, over time, become a “family member”
  5. Domestic servants and housekeepers can sometimes take on additional duties, such as helping children, walking the dog and helping in case of emergency.
  6. Combined roles such as maid / nanny and housekeeper / cook are also possible, but in all forms, the maid uses a hands-on approach to provide essential domestic assistance to the entire household.

The disadvantages of a live-in maid

  1. As with any resident employee, a resident housekeeper can sometimes make the family feel overwhelmed about their privacy.
  2. Providing accommodation to a housekeeper may be too expensive or inconvenient for some families.
  3. Because a housekeeper will be at home 24/7, if a family member does not get along with them, this can be particularly problematic.
  4. Deciding to hire a resident housekeeper is a very big decision. The advantages and disadvantages are many and families must deliberate carefully to make the right choice. Resident maids can be very helpful for some but are not suitable for all families.

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