Live-out maids in Dubai can be hired to work at home and has a fixed schedule at home but lives in housing provided by her employer. These live-out maids would participate in various maintenance tasks. Depending on the conditions of the agency, this may or may not include additional services such as babysitting. A live-out maid provides a wide range of support and care for your family. It provides you with someone who works with your family on a part-time or full-time basis and takes care of your home and pets as needed. Some families use part-time housekeeping services, some are full-time, and some provide temporary housekeeping services as needed.

A live-out maid is a person who specializes in housework for your family. Instead of living at home, she lives elsewhere. The live-out maid lives with her own family outside your house. She goes to your place according to the work schedule. For families who have issues with a maid living with their family, the choice of having a live-out maid will be the best for such case scenarios. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of a housekeeper. We will discuss it briefly here.



Flexibility in the number of working hours

When choosing a part-time live-out maid, the important advantage is the flexibility of the number of hours of work. If you wish, you can plan the work of the house, including cleaning, cooking and laundry, according to your convenience. In other words, you can customize the work and a lot for your maid.

Regarding the amount of work to be done, it is set by the agency that brings you the person. They present different work schedules and you must follow them as such. You must match the type of work you need to do with the number of hours you can spend on the lower layout.

It ensures confidentiality

This is an important point to consider when choosing the part-time Live Out maid. The live performed will be at your place for a duration not exceeding half of the day. Therefore, you are, you will have a greater privacy.


Note that the maids who work outside will work as part-time housekeepers and you will have to pay the salary alone, as negotiated. You do not have to provide them with accommodation, which is the case for full-time foreign domestic workers.

If you had to provide accommodation, it would have cost you a hundred dollars. Likewise, you can exclude other costs such as the employee’s medical expenses. It’s a better alternative to living as a part-time or full-time housekeeper

This is a better decision as opposed to living in a housekeeper or a full time housekeeper. A cleaning lady will be a better option because you can assign the work by customizing it according to your needs. Once the task is over, the housekeeper leaves your house. This is useful when the domestic task type involves a fixed job.


They may not be available on certain occasions

If both of your spouses are working and both of you are commuting daily and you are going out every time you close the house, your maid’s work schedule may not match that of the woman’s wife. In addition, if you want them to come on a particular day for a certain number of hours, they may or may not be available, even if they come from an independent service. Even if the agency says it’s the most efficient, it will provide service within 24 hours and not before. Therefore, availability is one of the important issues that can arise.

Assign a separate job from the routine job

Although home cleaning tasks are approximately the same in all cases, you may be faced with certain situations in which you will be forced to assign a job to your maid. They cannot accept a letter on your behalf when you are not home.

While choosing a housekeeper provided by his agency, this may be a bit more expensive than choosing independent services, this can ensure the provision of any other person if your cleaning lady does not show up the day.

When choosing to live as a cleaning lady, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages, but you should also consider some minor considerations. They should be able to perform a personalized service.

It is also important for them to respect the right work schedule. This will help you get things done according to the work schedule. The good is doing its part correctly and as planned in the context of MOM. This will help reinforce their image in you. It will also help maintain an employer-employee professional relationship

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