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Is your life a little hectic? Are you fully involved in your professional and domestic tasks? Do you need someone to take care of your children? If your answer to all of these questions is yes, then you should consider hiring a babysitter or nanny for your child. Even though a babysitter or nanny may look like you, they are very different from each other in the tasks they perform. The babysitter is a good option if you are looking for someone to take care of your children a few hours a day or if you want someone to take care of your children periodically, for example twice a week or a month. The main role of a babysitter is to watch over your children in your absence and that’s what their only goal will be to focus on. Keep this in mind if you want the baby sitter to do extra work. You may need to pay them an extra amount to do it until you have a previous contract with it. Babysitters are hired to sit with your children for a while. It is always better not to behave badly with them because they are not your servants. They should be able to sleep when they feel like home at night. If you hire a babysitter during the day, the situations are almost very similar: entertain the children, keep them safe and without difficulty.

On the other hand, nannies are completely different types of workers. They perform the same task as a babysitter. take care of your baby. But, they are here to do a little more. A nanny has a little more experience than a babysitter and she is able to accomplish more tasks and tasks than a standard babysitter. In general, they help with housekeeping work.

Nannies are usually hired by working mothers who have difficulty doing housework while caring for children. A nanny in Dubai is able to enter and ensure that housework is completed on time and that essential tasks are performed weekly. Housekeepers can also perform tasks such as helping children with homework and accompanying them in their weekly actions.

A nanny allows working parents to return home and relax while spending time with their children. They are an advantage to have and most parents with a nanny say that nannies are a lifesaver.

You must note that hiring a babysitter or nanny depends entirely on your situation.

Factors to Consider in getting the Best Nanny for your Kid:

1 – Create your list of requirements that reflect the values ​​of your family: Sit back for a while and decide what’s important for your child – whether you want a baby sitter who plays with your child and who plays, or who works as an individual cleaning lady there to help you at home? Be very specific on your list of requirements, then finalize it.

2 – Give an ad to attract the good babysitter: Do not start your ad by detailing the qualities you are looking for in a babysitter; Start by adding details that might explain why they should work for you. Describe the type of environment in which the babysitter will work, share your values ​​and discuss the type of protection and care you want for your little angel. Complete your announcement by detailing the benefits you will offer, the salary scale and how you want the nannies to apply.

3 – Pre-select potential babysitters who match your list of requirements: you will receive a number of resumes. Compare your list of must-haves with the attitude and experience of the guardian candidates.

4 – Prepare for conversations with values-based questions: Create a list of interview questions that reflects your core values ​​and concerns. This list will allow you to better compare one baby sitter to another. In addition, include open-ended questions that allow babysitters to share their experiences.

5 – Do double interviews with yourself and then with the child: interview all the babysitter candidates individually, without your child, to avoid any distraction. Create a list of your short-listed candidates and present them to your child. Observe how the nanny interacts with your child and see if your child is connecting to the nanny.

You need to consider these tips when you are recruiting a babysitter and Nanny for your child. These tips will help you make the right choice for your child.

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